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    Delivery charges for orders from the Online Shop?

    All you will ever pay for any gadgets or goodies from our GLADiiUM Store is the price of the item, minus a good discount coupon here and again, taxes, gotta take care of good ol’ Uncle Sam or whatever family member you’re loyal to, and shipping costs, we want our goodies to get there comfy and safe.  You should never pay a penny more than that.  The pure joy of perusing our store and a little window shopping; that’s absolutely free!!  Enjoy your time here with us.

    How long will delivery take?

    Well that depends on a couple of things: what little nook or which little cranny of this big globe you live in, on, or under; down under can be alotta fun, and just how comfy and in how much style you want your beloved goodies to travel in.  They can roll to your destination; jet set, or just hang out with their friends at our warehouses for you to swing on by for a pickup.  If you’re up for the latter jot us an email and we’ll coordinate with you and our nearest delivery center.

    What exactly happens after ordering?

    Well, first we’ll give you a big ol’ ‘thank you!’  It means a lot that you not only liked what you saw at our store but trusted in us for a great experience.  Now comes the fun part.  Right after you’ll get a missive from us, some of us call them emails, with a summary of what you ordered asking you to hold on tight as our elves deep in our mountain, actually I think those were dwarves, so yeah, our dwarves gather, package, and move your favorites along to the front of the line.  From there you’ll get another email letting you know your packages are doing great and squeaking with delight that they’re headed to your home with an estimate of when they’ll be on their way.  If you hear a bit of silence from then till now, don’t fret, you’ll be getting another ‘hand written’ line filled with glee: your goodies are now on their way to you.  A day, or two, or three, but not much more than that; you’ll have a box or two filled with the latest tech goodies just anxious to get out and say ‘hi’ to their new family.  From there on out; you can expect many days of frolic and fun for all with your new found friends.

    Where can I view my sales receipt?

    Our dwarves and, yes, some elves take great pride and care in keeping tabs on exactly how much you spend, so you don’t have to worry about a penny more.  So they keep at least three copies of your receipt for your review and enjoyment.  They insist you relish in all the goodness and such low prices. Now I digress into our ever ongoing discussions.  Anyway, you’ll first receive an email with a receipt of your purchase.  Second, you can definitely log into your personal account and visit a copy of your receipt there.  Come on in for a look, we love company!  Finally, you’ll receive a copy of your receipt as part of the packaging when your new goodies arrive.

    How do I add a coupon to an order?

    Our dwarves love coupons!  They love saving you money!! Them and our tinkerer elves have come up with a coupon program where you sign up and receive all kinds of promos and deals that will tickle you pink and make you squeal with delight.  All they ask is that you leave ’em an email so they can drop a chime from time to time so you can just sit back and enjoy the savings.    You just plug in the codes at checkout and ‘voila.’  Our elves keep using that word, so it must be good.  Give it a try, your wallet will be happy and so will we!

    How long do I have to return an order?

    Well golly gee that’s never good ????. But we understand that sometimes our elves forget things and even our dragons might miss something.  Your gadgets and you personally are our most important focus so as much as we try to get it right ALL the time, we know sometimes might miss something.  You always have 30 days to return any goodies and gadgets you might have chosen during your visit for a money back return less a small restocking fee:  15%.  If the purchase is faulty or broken in any way we will honor the manufacturers’ return and replacement policy on a per product basis.  You can also always send us an email or give us a call and one of our denizens will be more than happy to help you out.


    How long will it take to see my refund?

    Our dwarves love to count their gold. But they love it even more when it’s theirs and they’ve earned it.  Refunds are part of our business and we measure our success by how few we provide; not because of the money, but because we know you won’t ask for one if you’re truly happy, and that makes us truly happy!  That said, we make your money our priority and work to process refunds within 7 days of request.  From there on you’d wait a few more days depending on your credit card company.  If you don’t see your return within 14 days of request; give us a ring.  We’ll get to the bottom of it!

    Can I get reimbursed through my original payment method?

    Well how about that?  We were just thinking the same thing.  You absolutely can and will get reimbursed through your original payment method.  We only accept major credit cards or PayPal so whichever methods you used through those channels you’ll see your credit come back to you in that very same way.  We don’t offer store credits at this time unfortunately; but you can certainly order another glitzy gadget while we work out the return for you on this one.

    Can the country receiving the shipment be different than the country of purchase?

    By golly gee why absolutely it can be!!  If you’re ordering for a friend in a distant land or just traveling and in need of a little GLADiiUM fix; we’re here to help.  We ship to anywhere in the world and all we need is a valid credit card to process your order.  Of course, our gnomes will validate you as the owner of said credit card.  They have their ways….  Once validated, we’ll secure ship to address and off they go, our beloved little gadgets on a wild worldwide adventure.  Have fun and enjoy every minute of wherever you might be in this world.  Who knows, you just might run across one of our helpers..

    How can I return an item?

    Well, here we have a specialty task force to help you out.  We know how frustrating and exacerbating this can be so we want to make it as easy as possible for you.  You have any one of three ways to start the process.  You just need to send us an email to [email protected] with your order # and the reason for the return and we’ll contact you back within 24 hours with any more information we may need and an update on the process.  You can also reach out to us at our customer support number: 1-(888) 860-8848 or contact one of our minions via our chat services found at the lower right corner of your screen.  From there, we’ll take on the process and keep you in the loop at every twist and turn until we get the return claim taken care of for you..

    Will I receive the same product that I see in the picture?

    Ohhh geeez, this is a very, I mean very sensitive question among the realms of manufacturing and warehousing plants, back offices, and show rooms.  It’s whispered of, mentioned in passing, and even communicated through secret hand signals, I’ve been told because none, especially our elves, would even dare to speak of such a thing openly.  OF COURSE, what you see is what you’ll get.  Anything else is punishable by death in our land.  To even think of doing such, even the mere whisper, will land even the highest of the high in some seriously hot water around here.  So yes, you will be absolutely receiving the exact gadget you’ll find in the photo.

    Can I order items marked as “out of stock?”

    Well, or course you can!  We’ll take payment of these items as we would any other order; but we won’t actually charge your credit card until we’ve magicked your goodies into existence.  We’ll update you along the way how long it’s taking our goblins and witches to stew up your order and let you know once we get them done all polished and shiny.  We’ll then let you know the delivery schedule so you can settle back and enjoy the new additions to your family as soon as they hit your doorstep.